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Our Resident Caretakers


Community Living Arrangements has the ability to provide excellent care for our residents by employing an excellent staff of resident caretakers.  Not only do we hire Certified Nursing Assistance’s(CNA), CLA also offers paid training to our resident caretakers. The caretakers within our homes are selected based on their pride and dedication towards our residents and their approach to accomplishing the highest level of care that can be provided. During the training process, our resident caretakers are trained in fire safety, medication administration, standard medical precautions and first aid in choking.
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C.L.A. is broken up into three different departments; Executive, Administrative, and Support Personnel.   Our motto of TEAM (Teach, Engage, Achieve, Maintain) helps C.L.A. deliver the highest quality of care, while providing a strong support system for each one of our residents and guardians.

Executive Staff

Executive Director; Howard Caplan; 414.519.9998; howard.caplan@clawi.org; and his bio is coming soon.


Administration Staff

Jennifer Crouch Regional Administrator Email: jennifer.crouch@clawi.org

Jennifer Crouch Regional Administrator Email: jennifer.crouch@clawi.orga

Troy Wagner Finance Administrator Email: Troy.Wagner@clawi.org

Troy Wagner
Finance Administrator

Vicki Stephan Human Resource Manager Email: Vicki.Stephan@clawi.org

Vicki Stephan
Human Resource Manager

















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